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Powerful design

I provide effective design, research and methodology based. My services are focusing on efficient design striving for excellence.

Cross-section approach

Involving user experience principles, multidisciplinary methods, and hybrid skills I deliver coherent, creative result across the discipline.

Systematic creativity

I'm dedicated to bridging people and technologies by creating perfectly structured frameworks using lean, iterative approach.

Cross-section design service

Cross-section approach implies on multi-parametric intersection vision. The method is focused on the comprehensive study of all related parameters of a product or service where each node is translated to tangible goal and reflected in the design solution.

Business Goals
Usability & Functionality
Abstractions & Concepts

time & value planning

User Experience

scientific research & analysis

Product Design

materialistic definition

Concept Design

artistic exploration

Perception, Proposition, & Acquisition
Framing, Prototyping & Testing
Construction, Morphology & Surfacing
Scope & Effort

investment vs. return

Human Factors

digital & physical ergonomics


technologies & constrains


color, materials, finish

In simple words - a good designer considers every single aspect in the design process.

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