Design sketching workshop

4 sessions | 12 hours | English language


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4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Factory Mitte
Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
10115 Berlin


120€ for a seat = 10€ / hour

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Skill build-up workshop for common sketching techniques and tools. The drawing course introduces complete beginners and refreshes working professionals in one of the most effective communication tools.

Within the course, we are going to deal with surfaces drawing for explanatory style sketches. Along the meetings, we will review techniques for building correct objects and bodies reflecting the 3D world. Study how to make quick, designer quality sketches with pen and paper. The course is also suitable for building your portfolio or initial skill set up.

Roof perspective construction slideCorrection lines for sphere sketchWorkshop attendee sketches a mouseResults page of boxes sketch exercisePhoto camera sketch by one of the students

1st session.

After an introduction to the course, we will have a skills assessment task: trial drawing of 3 common objects. The focus of the lesson is to set get along with basic exercise for freehand line drawing using a pen.

2nd session.

Lines and shapes warmup for arm flow training. The lesson is aimed at drawings of objects in one, two, three, and more vanishing points perspective. Introduction to views (2/3, 1/3, front, side) and compositions. Trials accompanied by tutor’s explanations in “one on one” format. Drawings of basic shapes: boxes, cylinders in perspective grid, assembly of sketches page composition.

3rd session.

Warmup exercise with basic shapes. Continuing the previous lesson we are going to extend the studies on complex bodies and combined forms: form building principles, shapes cutting and boolean interactions. The second part of the lesson deals with shading and gradations. Using complex bodies and learned composition principles we will train morphology of a body and various hatching techniques by capturing surrounding objects.

4th session.

The lesson begins with the repetition of the learned materials and transitions to the basics of light and material finish. We will learn about one light source sketch: direct light, ambient reflections in the context of matt and gloss finishes (diffusion). Training is focused on a pallet for volumes buildup. Introduction to markers, pastels, and pencils sketching. Extending the knowledge on complex bodies we will train on speed sketching of complex objects surrounding us.

" I can absolutely recommend it! Buryat will show how to sketch – from basics to complex objects! "
– Dinko, Berlin

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